About Us

Director of Agape FuneralsA bit about Theodore Dimopoulos – the Director of Agape Funerals.

Theodore has worked as a counsellor supporting both individuals and families. He has experienced firsthand the difficult hours and days that a family endures with the passing of a loved one. Furthermore, at a time of loss and grief the family must also find the courage and ability to take care of all the necessary arrangements that are part of acknowledging the life of the deceased.

In 2009, Theodore lost his mother and shortly after his father passed away as well. The experience of his parents passing, along with his background in counselling, is what brought Theodore into the funeral industry. With a desire to listen and support the family’s wishes, traditions and financial abilities, as a funeral director Theodore finds the work that he does fulfilling, rewarding and honouring.

“At Agape Funerals we look after your loved ones as if they were our own. It is our honour”.